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Simpsons Fans Are Trolling 7 News Hard Right Now

The Simpsons

Simpsons fan site known as Four Finger Discount has seemingly started a trend that we’re truly, truly hoping takes off.

Touted as “the home of Australia’s premier Simpsons podcast”, the page delivers reviews, interviews, Top 10 lists and more to dedicated Simpsons fans, and they’ve amassed a following of nearly 50,000 on Facebook alone.

Earlier this morning the Facebook page shared a screenshot from fan Andrew Schwebel, who appears to have lured 7 News Australia into believing that he had “photos of a man loitering outside the campus of [his] university and stealing people’s wallets”. When 7 News Australia (naturally) asked for further information or pictures from Schwebel, he posted an image of Snake and Springfield’s resident college geeks captioned “He called himself the ‘Wallet inspector'”.

In a second image, fan Heath Rips Sims tells the news outlet that he has “photos of a convenience store armed hold-up”, only to share an image of Snake and Apu once 7 News Australia took the bait for a second time.

Since Four Finger Discount started sharing the screenshots on Facebook, more Simpsons devotees have started getting in on the fun with fan Ben Litho catching 7 News Adelaide off-guard with a potential story about a man in his neighbourhood who has built “a revolutionary new car”. Once again, the news outlet expressed their interest before being hit with an image of Homer sitting in his Powell Motors-produced car, “The Homer”.

It’s almost tempting not to post this just to see how many more screenshots are submitted, but keep an eye on the Four Finger Discount page and you’ll undoubtedly have a great time.

Scroll down for the screenshots we’ve come across so far – all images via Four Finger Discount.












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