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Secret Society Of The Sneakers


The folks behind Converse All Stars, the shoe of choice for many a garage rocker across the globe, are getting creative in launching their new “fall” collection with a series of random, super secret, free rock’n’roll shows in Australia and New Zealand this October and November.

Locations will include Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington, featuring acts such as the The Vines, Bloods, Remi, Collarbones and many more. Oh, and you can’t buy tickets for the shows. At all. That’s right, this is gonna be some wild Willy Wonka experimental shit.

Instead, Converse fans will find ticket offers in unexpected places and receive spur-of-the-moment invitations to drop what they’re doing to attend these one-of-a-kind live shows.

If you’re finding all this very intriguing, head on over to sneakerswould.converse.com.au or look up #sneakerswould to keep on top of it all.






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