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Scrotal Recall and Other Brilliant Band Name Ideas

In Hearts Wake
Photo by Billy Zammit.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the internet is a wild, wild place. This weekend we fell down a reddit rabbit hole and somehow ended up in r/BandNames, a thread where people endlessly suggest potential (and mostly pun-based) band names until they’re equal parts proud and ashamed of themselves.

Truth be told, we actually found some pretty cracking names. We could easily see “Julius Seizure” on a lineup with Cerebral Ballzy; likewise with Ted Danson With Wolves and “Peeping Tom Cruise Control”.

If you’re looking to christen your next great musical act, suss out the list below. We sunk our time into scouring the best suggestions so you don’t have to. Promise we’ll shout out any legends who actually call their band “Requiem For A Meme”.

24 Brilliant Band Name Ideas

1. Scrotal Recall

via /u/Arkaega

2. U. Wot and the M8s

via /u/grapeathletics

3. Adolf Hipster & The Vinyl Solutions

via /u/GreedySnoo

4. TH_ (Pronounced “Thunderscore”)

via /u/Scrubtanic

5. Peeping Tom Cruise Control

via /u/GreedySnoo

6. Pyongyang Gangbang

via /u/elnuber

7. My Comical Bromance

via /u/vaniljezevs

8. Slaughtermelon

via /u/zeronine

9. DIS* (Pronounced “Disasterisk”)

via /u/jskoker

10. Terminally Chill

via /u/the_doodman

11. Didgeridoom

via /u/XandKendall

12. Teens of the Phone Age

via /u/yolorelli

13. Hispanic At The Disco

via /u/bennihana123

14. Johnny Narcissist and the Other Guys

via /u/ikenjake

15. Didgeridoom

via /u/XandKendall

16. Julius Seizure


17. Unawarewolves

via /u/film4thefuture

18. We Stole These Instruments

via /u/aquaeleven

19. Barns & Chernobyl

via /u/illogical_cpt

20. Dodged a Mullet

via /u/GreedySnoo

21. Requiem For A Meme

via /u/ItsAMeMitchell

22. Fedora Borealis

via /u/zenrog

23. Participation Trophy Wife

via /u/TheRealCalypso

24. Satin Warship

via /u/Max_Trollbot_

Bonus Round – Cover Bands

1. Icing

(Cake cover band) – via /u/IAMCTHULHU55

2. Tenacious V

(all-girl Tenacious D cover band) – via /u/onetricktoni

3. Petty Theft

(Tom Petty cover band) via – /u/Spenundrum

4. Yaaaasssss

(all-drag queen Yes cover band) – via /u/GalacticCatt

5. Tubastank

(all-horns Hoobastank cover band) – via /u/robtedesco

6. Recycling

(Garbage cover band) – via /u/theonlyotheruser

7. Sheezer

(all-girl Weezer cover band) – via /u/Justinian2311

8. Wink-91

(Blink-182 cover band) – via /u/lon3wolf18

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