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Review: Wage War – Blueprints

Wage War

Wage War


Every now and then, an album comes along so intense, so powerful and hypnotic that opinions simply can’t be formed. You have to just sit there in your state of transcendence, soaking in every distorted lashing and reverberated slap with hallucinatory lust. And when that first playthrough ends, the second immediately starts. You become an addict, returning time and time again desperate for another hit. Through and throughout, Blueprints is one of those albums.

It’s hard to believe that this is Wage War’s debut album – from the biting wails of “Hollow” to the spiritual harmonies of “Desperate”, the Floridian metalcore unit have construed an LP that reaches heights established bands can only dream of, decades into their careers. It’s a very straightforward, no-frills approach to metalcore, and while their influences are made crystal clear, the quintet are consistent in their efforts to absolutely destroy the bands they draw comparisons to. With production helmed by Jeremy McKinnon, the A Day To Remember vibe is understandable – fans of the heavier tracks on their record Common Courtesy will undoubtedly fall in love with Blueprints.

The record is built heavily on synthy textures, but its heaviness is never compromised. Every poisonous riff and harrowing screech strikes hard with a wired punch, and although the band are never reliant on breakdowns (an impressive point of note in itself), those found on tracks like “The River” and “Basic Hate” will leave you struggling to stand and fighting for a breath. “Enemy” is an instant highlight, a violent spasm of energetic drums and wall-to-wall shredding. “Alive” also stands out for its bridge section, consisting of a guitar solo sweet enough to cause toothaches.

Wage War are newcomers to the metalcore circuit, launching themselves into a scene that is arguably one of the hardest to break through in. With an album like Blueprints, however, we’re confident it won’t be long before they’re headlining festivals the world over.

Blueprints is out now through Fearless/ UNFD.
Grab a copy: Webstore


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