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Review: Villainy – Dead Sight

Dead Sight

It’s still kind of a mystery as to why we are exposed to so little music from our immediate neighbours over in New Zealand (seriously, your average Joe wouldn’t be able to name a single New Zealand musician that isn’t Lorde). However, this makes for a pleasant surprise when some worthy talent from across the ditch is brought to our attention, and Dead Sight from Kiwi four-piece Villainy contains such surprises if you give it time.

While openers “Give Up The Ghost” and “Safe Passage” are slower, sludgier numbers with choruses that walk a little dangerously close to Dad-rock territory, “Syria” delivers a captivating display of frenetic energy and aggression that threatens to spill apart at any given moment but somehow miraculously holds fast, tied up by furious drums and splashed with vocal lines reminiscent of The Mars Volta.

Deliciously fuzzy rhythm guitars and jangly leads define the album, keeping things noisy where noise is due but ducking out of the way just enough for dancier moments like the chorus of “Nothing Ever Changes”. If there’s room on the Aussie mainstream rock charts for a bunch of Kiwi alt-rockers, Villainy could soon deservedly push their way onto our airwaves.

Dead Sight is out November 6 through MGM.

Dead Sight



  • Realist

    These guys are amazing live!

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