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Review: New Tenants – Unity By Collision

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New Tenants
Unity By Collision

1.5 Score

Rage Against The Machine. Limp Bizkit. Cypress Hill. Even newcomer acts like Hacktivist and local killers like Deez Nuts: there are dozens of bands in the crossover scene that flawlessly meddle the downbeat grime of underground rap with the crushing acerbity of hardcore and/or metal. They imbue into their audience the badarse feeling one gets listening to NWA with the moshy anger that comes from a Slayer sesh. They’re often overlooked, but what they do, they do damn well… But alas, New Tenants are not one of them.

Not for their lack of trying, rest assured. Each of the nine tracks on Unity By Collision attempts to emulate its unconcealed influence, at times coming close to matching the formula, but mostly falling flat. It’s like the Aldi knock-off of the Home Brand knock-off of your favourite brand name soda – sure, it’s fizzy and it gets the job done, but once you’ve finished your glass, do you really feel refreshed? Aside from the occasional lyrical gem (look to “The Way It Is” and “Battlecry”) and hardcore-pummelling breakdown (“Fade Away”), the answer is more often than not “no”.

One of the few aspects where Unity By Collision shines is in its production – every riff is crisp and every rhyme raspberry-tart; it’s the kind of polished mix you don’t find much outside of the mainstream circuit, and while the hardcore influence is accordingly dimmed, the clarity of the disc works to single out the math-ier elements of its instrumentation.

At the end of the day, Unity By Collision is just another album that’ll wind up gathering dust on the back shelf of an obscure suburban record store. At its best, it’s background fodder to the Modern History essay you’re anxiously smashing out at the last minute. At its worst, it’s Limp Bizkit’s lowest points by way of the Chinatown alley that never has its bins tended to.

It’s worth a shot, just not the full clip.

Unity By Collision is out now independently
Grab a copy: BandCamp


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