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Review: Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy

monster truck

Monster Truck
Sittin’ Heavy
Dine Alone Records / Cooking Vinyl Australia

3 Score

Picture this: you’re in a dusty, Western-looking bar. Wooden stools, pool tables and flannel shirts feature in the scene. Some old dude places a bet, throws a dart and starts humming “Bad To The Bone”. That’s pretty much how listening to Monster Truck’s sophomore album, Sittin’ Heavy, feels.

This banging LP is straight-up, cut-the-shit hard rock, pulling its punches by drinking from the well of the genre and spitting its conventions back out into a schooner. From its relevant opener “Why Are You Not Rocking?” presenting refined but dirty guitars, to its closer “Enjoy The Time” favouring country-tinged hair-rock, Sittin’ Heavy does exactly what its title tells you it’s going to do.

It’s riffy, with polished electric solos taking centr-stage at some points and thundering drums stealing their limelight at others. It masters the art of hard rock to the extent that some axe-lines sound familiar, as if the band are re-routing the genre back to its authentic self. For reference, pay attention to “For The People”. Interestingly, the record prioritises a convention of blusey hard rock that’s tough for many acts to conquer; it enables its instrumentation to express its bite rather than leaving it all to the vocals, sassing Sittin’ Heavy up with nuance.

It’s true that there are moments where this album may be considered arduous, what with the song lengths and the way in which they often conform to what you expect them to be. Nevertheless, its fierce G-ups, poignant frown-moments and fleeting romantic dalliances render it much more complex than you’d originally perceive it. It’s fair to tell you that not only is this a solid hard rock release that you can look to for a hark back to your gateway into the genre’s fanbase, it’s also a comforting reminder of what’s keeping you there.

Sittin’ Heavy is out now via Dine Alone / Cooking Vinyl Australia.

 sittin heavy

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