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Review: Killing Joke – Pylon

Killing Joke

Killing Joke

As they close in on four decades and notch up album #16, chances are you’ve already established an opinion on English goth-rockers Killing Joke. If this is your first time with the band, welcome to Pylon. The good news is that the album serves as a great introduction to one of alternative rock’s more bizarre cult acts, and although an intriguing prospect, longtime fans of the band will be left wanting more.

Having spent more than half a lifetime performing, frontman Jaz Coleman’s vocals are still absolutely menacing, although you do have to deal with him singing goofy, tin-foil hat lines like, “Nobody believes in 9/11, steel-frame buildings don’t fall in seconds”. Standout tracks “Dawn Of The Hive” and “I Am The Virus” show off the band’s metal chops with some big riffs fed through some dirty production, and while the rest of Pylon is enjoyable, it seems to lack anything of real significance.

For every decent track, there are some middling ones too, particularly “New Jerusalem” and “Delete”, which tend to overstay their welcome after a few listens. At the very least, the album is a testament to Killing Joke’s consistency as musicians, which is a sentiment not extended to most cult alt-rock acts. Older fans will be able to pick and choose the moments that make it into their regular rotation, and for newcomers, this is the perfect jumping off point for exploring the band’s back catalogue.

Pylon is out October 23 through Spinefarm/Caroline.




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