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Review: Escape The Fate – Hate Me

Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate
Hate Me
Eleven Seven

3.5 Score

Given the schoolgirl drama that’s followed Las Vegas’s Escape The Fate over the past few years, it’s miraculous that the band have survived and come out the other side. Two years after the release of Ungrateful, Craig Mabbitt and co. are back with their fifth effort, Hate Me, using the shade that’s been thrown at them to fuel their fire. In this time, the band have seen some notable changes, including the introduction of axeman Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft and producer Howard Benson, synonymous with both Kelly Clarkson and Papa Roach.

Escape The Fate come out swinging with “Just A Memory”, unleashing meaty riffs, pounding drums and the ever improving growls of Mabbitt. Showing the influence of Benson, the record toes the line between pop and hard rock more than it ever has before, expertly switching from fists-up-in-the-air and voices-hoarse anthems like “Alive”, to shoulder-to-shoulder swaying pop ballads like “Let Me Be”. Unsurprisingly the lyrical content is the album’s biggest problem; you need not look further than lines like “Inside my rage is burning/I see the tables turning” from the title track.

While attempts to be edgy often fall short and result in lyrical content cheesier than a slice of pizza, the band nails the balance between their pop friendly and metal sounds, and there are genuinely enjoyable moments on the record. Hate Me is a definite improvement on the Escape The Fate sound we’ve all grown to know and hate love.

Hate Me is out now through Eleven Seven.

Hate Me


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