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Review: Dream On Dreamer – Songs Of Soulitude

Dream on Dreamer

Dream On Dreamer
Songs Of Soulitude


In a genre ripe with the overly familiar sounds of chugging riffs and breakdowns, Melbourne post-hardcore crew Dream On Dreamer do their damn best to avoid being another faceless band in the pack. After teasing fans with standalone tracks “Don’t Lose Your Heart” and “Darkness Brought Me Here”, the boys are back with their third full-length and they’re really singing the champion’s theme with this one.

While their previous effort Loveless (2013) shied away from their earlier more electronic elements, Songs Of Soulitude has taken this change to a whole new level; the band still make use of the hallmarks of the genre, but they’ve upped the melodic factor to blend softness with severity and amplify their token sound.

The band play the deep and meaningful lyrics card again, but they manage to keep from straying into full-blown sadcore territory while still keeping things relatable. On recent single “Souls On Fire”, Marcel Gadacz’s thumping vocals scream, “Death is not the answer, we’re in this together”. Put simply, it’s honest and passionate.

Not in the mood to coast, Dream On Dreamer are pushing the boundaries with Songs Of Soulitude – a self-released album, no less – and it’s made for what is arguably their best release to date. Where some albums fall into the trap of hitting that forgettable middle ground, Songs Of Soulitude never falters; the band keep things fresh on “Delirium”, letting Zach Britt’s clean vocals play second fiddle to the newly found singing skills of Gadacz, while the haunting “Violent Pictures” allows Britt to showcase his talents as the album comes to a close. But fear not, fans of the heavy – despite all this talk of melody, the pounding drums, dexterous riffs and harsh screams still dominate, with moments of softness settling in as a welcome respite from the barrage.

After the album’s 10 tracks, you’re left feeling as though you’ve listened to something complete, which isn’t always a given in 2015. Songs Of Soulitude is food for the soul, and it’s time to dig in.

Songs Of Soulitude is out now independently.

Songs Of Soulitude

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