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Review: Dinosaur Pile-Up – Eleven Eleven

Dinosaur Pile Up

Dinosaur Pile-Up
Eleven Eleven
Double Cross Records


Dinosaur Pile-Up want you to know they’re here on a mission to blow out your speakers. The Leeds three-piece lull the listener with the introduction to their opening track, “11:11”, before suddenly putting the pedal to the metal and refusing to let up.

If you’re someone who likes their riffs big and their tone heavy, you won’t be disappointed with the band’s third outing. Taking a cue from their namesake, the Brits let their guitars roar and stomp throughout, destroying anything that stands in their way, particularly on “Bad Penny” and “Willow Tree”. It’s easy to compare Eleven Eleven’s sound to Royal Blood’s, which is a fair call as both albums share producer Tom Dalgety – but where Royal Blood worship 1970s heavy rock acts like Sabbath and Zeppelin, Dinosaur Pile-Up owe a lot of their sound to the early 1990s grunge scene. Tracks like “Grim Valentine” and “Gimme Something” would sound right at home in Seattle circa 1993, with their raw sounding instrumentals and especially with vocalist Matt Bigland’s emotion-filled whine.

It’s strange that Dinosaur Pile-Up aren’t a more popular band, considering how long they’ve been around and that their sound is the current “it” thing in rock music, but nethertheless Eleven Eleven is a solid installment in an underrated back catalogue.

Eleven Eleven is out now through Double Cross.

Eleven Eleven

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