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Review: Die! Die! Die! – What Did You Expect

Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die!
What Did You Expect
Bad Health


This may be one of the most aptly titled EPs of all time. After five full-lengths and a slew of EPs, what did you expect when listening to Die! Die! Die!’s newest EP? When it comes to noise punk, they’re New Zealand’s main authority on the subject. What Did You Expect is a follow-up to 2014’s S W I M, and shows that the trio don’t plan on slowing down – or turning down – anytime soon.

Despite its short length, there’s a lot packed into this EP and it feels a lot longer than it actually is (in a good way, mind you). The EP’s short track, “Dark Arrow”, runs just shy of a minute-and-a-half, but they’ve managed to cram enough energy into it that’d fill something twice as long. Opener “I Love Space Travel” is an amazingly high-energy track that hits you like a ten tonne truck.

Even when they slow it down on “Is What It Is” and “(I Love How You) Listen To The Radio”, they still tote some chaotic guitars and percussion that sounds like falling bombs. The EP’s only misgiving is that it doesn’t feel like much of a step forward for the band, but more of a retread of an already walked path. It’s not bad, just a way too obvious answer posed by the EP’s title.

What Did You Expect is out now through Bad Health.

Die! Die! Die!

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