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Review: Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound

Bury Tomorrow
Photo by Tom Barnes.

Bury Tomorrow
Nuclear Blast

2.5 Score

You wouldn’t be faulted for hearing the opening track of Bury Tomorrow’s latest offering Earthbound and thinking, ‘Oh, it’s going to be another one of these, is it?’ Whether it’s the opening core squeal or the fact that there just has to be an unnecessary breakdown on the first song, all we’re saying is that no one’s blaming you for coming to that conclusion. No one.

That’s not to say that it is a generic metalcore album through and through. Yes, it’s sometimes structurally misguided in thinking that no audience has ever gotten tired of the unclean verse/clean chorus recipe and that songs can extend themselves unnecessarily when they should have ended a minute ago, but its substance runs deeper than that.

Bury Tomorrow do tap into their potential to be inventive along the way; they venture into more interesting sonic territory on “301”, an absolute grenade of a song, in which the need to communicate an overt aggression overpowers loyalty to conventions, as electric guitars are wielded like firepower and vocals travel outside of exclusively metalcore norms. Though their willingness to experiment is represented on that tune in particular, Earthbound follows variance through shades of deathcore to post-hardcore to hardcore punk. Even its instrumentals take dalliances into cinematic build ups and sombre downswings.

The challenge in metalcore has been, and probably always will be, having enough skill to rise above making a record that fuses together every conventional element of the scene but remains a blurry listening experience. Interestingly, at some point, tackling aspects of a genre to a T becomes less of a skill and more of a vice, as acts sell their own creativity short and listeners stop caring. Earthbound is convincingly enjoyable enough to help us conclude that Bury Tomorrow’s flame hasn’t burned out just yet.

Earthbound is out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

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