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Remember That Petition We All Signed? Snoop Dogg Now Has His Own Nature Show

Snoop Dogg

Remember a month or so ago when a petition went around for Snoop Dogg to host a whole season of the iconic BBC nature documentary series Planet Earth? Of course you do. We all signed it and had a laugh because those Jimmy Kimmel Live sketches damn near brought tears to our eyes, and Snoop confusing otters with mongooses was something we could all get on board with.

Well, it turns out someone sat up and took notice of the 65,338 signatures the petition managed to rack up and gave the people what they so clearly need: a nature series titled Planet Snoop.

Bud enthusiasts Merry Jane productions have released a short clip from Planet Snoop which shows the OG rapper narrating a fight between a squirrel and a snake. There’s a noticeably forced laugh track which detracts from the clip somewhat, but there’s enough promise behind the idea to see things improve as the series goes on.

Rappers and wildlife narration, together at last.

Watch a snippet of Planet Snoop below.

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