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Rage Against The Machine Bassist Apologises For Limp Bizkit’s Existence


When Fred Durst commanded the masses to “Break Stuff”, he probably wasn’t referring to his heart. But, because the man just has no soul (we here at BLUNT are very protective of our little Freddie and that track has gotten us through many a late-night deadline), Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford has made an attempt to do just that.

As any self-respecting Limp Bizkit fan will know, Durst is a massive fan of RATM. The band have covered their 1992 classic “Killing In The Name” over 100 times over the years, and during a performance of the tune last year, the singer declared his love for the track. “This is dedicated to the rap-rock band that started this shit. When I first heard this song, that shit hit me right the fuck here,” he said, pointing to his heart. “And this next part – [‘Fuck you! I won’t do what you tell me!’] – changed my life.”

You would think that’d be a compliment coming from another one of rap-rock’s biggest icons, but as Commerford told Rolling Stone, it very much isn’t. “I do apologise for Limp Bizkit,” he said. “I really do. I feel really bad that we inspired such bullshit.” Looks like that burn could use a little ice…

Seemingly getting his own band mixed up with Durst’s, Commerford went on to make the following statement: “They’re gone, though […] That’s the beautiful thing. There’s only one left, and that’s Rage, and as far as I’m concerned, we’re the only one that matters.” Okay, sure, that’s his opinion, and that’s fine, but… uhh… Rage aren’t the only one left. In fact, they aren’t around at all anymore. RATM haven’t toured since 2011 and have recently stated that they have no plans to return. Limp Bizkit on the other hand, are still going strong.

Commerford also looked back to one of the most iconic tiffs between himself and Durst. At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2000, Commerford crashed the stage while Durst (and the rest of Limp Bizkit) were accepting the Best Rock Video award for “Break Stuff”, which in turn, beat RATM’s “Sleep Now In The Fire” out of the competition. As the band were accepting the award, Commerford climbed a structure 20 feet high, swaying the giant backdrop behind them while security guards watched in bemusement. “It’s like aged wine,” Commerford reflects. “What was uncomfortable and a little bit bitter in 2000, now I savour it. I get more people that come up to me now. Back in 2000, it was like, ‘Dude, I saw you do that. What was that all about?’ Now, it’s like, ‘Dude, I saw you do that. That was so fuckin’ awesome! I love that.’ It feels more comfortable now to talk about.”

The incident made headlines worldwide and Commerford wound up being charged for disorderly conduct, spending a night in jail that he most certainly believes was worth it. “I wish I would’ve swung on that thing and brought it to the ground and just destroyed it,” he says when asked if he had any regrets over the stunt, he added, “If I could do it all again, I would’ve ripped that thing to the ground and shredded it.”

Ah, Tommy. Play nice… Or don’t. Shit is hilarious!

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