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Prepare Yourselves: The Brave Have Announced Their Debut Album

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Back in March, Brisbane softcore killers The Brave had joined forces with the big guns over at UNFD to bring your lives a little more of that sweet, sweet fauxcore goodness. Well, turns out that “Searchlights” wasn’t just their epic launch single: they’re releasing a whole goddamn album, and that four-minute slice of snare-y gold is its lead single.

Epoch will be with us in just over a month on August 5th, with pre-orders well underway and selling fast over at 24hundred HQ. The debut LP is an 11-track spread of passionate, personal jams with its ambition stitched proudly on the band’s collective sleeve. It’s also a fairly introverted affair in terms of production, too – the only track with a collab is “Dreamless”, which features Northlane frontman Marcus Bridge.

“Each song has its place in time,” explains frontman Nathan Toussaint. “Whether they’re lyrically set in the past, present or future, they all share that same common theme. An epoch is a defining moment or event in time that leaves a memorable mark in history, and for us that is exactly what this album is. It’s a significant thing that has taken us from just being a local band having a bit of fun to a signed band with an album we are truly proud of.”

Hype yourself up for Epoch with “Searchlights” below!

Epoch is out August 5th via UNFD
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | 24hundred | iTunes


1. Searchlights
2. Break Free
3. Eclipse
4. Dreamless (Feat. Marcus Bridge)
5. Ignited Youth
6. 1945
7. Escape
8. Undone
9. Epoch
10. Legacy
11. Slipping Away

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