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Pokémon Go Has Been Unleashed And Everyone Is Losing Their Minds


ICYMI, there’s been a complete internet frenzy over the past 24 hours, and that’s thanks to Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a new app that’s basically your adult childhood dream. The app allows you to capture, battle, train and trade your Pokémon, which is a great explanation for playing hooky from work the second you get your hands on it. As a lovely surprise from Nintendo and Niantic, you can now pick it up for Android devices here, or if you’re an Apple person, here. R.I.P. iPhone battery life.

How it works is that you create your character, and then decide which Pokémon you want to catch out of the choice of Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle (let’s face it: that’s a rough decision). According to Kotaku, you can also play your own music while you #catchthemall.

If you’re not enticed to pick it up, here’s a damn good reason why: it uses modern smartphone technology to put your Pokémon in various locations in the real world. Cool, right? You can also buy a wearable companion device that allows you to play the game without unlocking your phone, notifying you when there’s a Pokémon nearby just in case you miss one.

Will we see an increase in people absent-mindedly stepping out into traffic as they chase a wild Onix? Probably.

Give in to the hype and check out the app promo below.

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