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Paramore Caught In Legal Dispute With Former Member Jeremy Davis


While it seemed like there was no bad blood between former Paramore bassist Jeremy Davis and the band following his departure, news outlet The Tennessean has reported that a legal dispute has broken out between the pop rockers and their former bassist. It’s set to get messy with the lawsuit arguing over whether or not Davis is entitled to touring revenue, band royalties and any other income generated from the band.

Without delving into too much of the legal mumbo jumbo, Varoom Whoa, the company reportedly owned by Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams, proactively sued Davis last month, claiming that he was only a paid employee of the band. Not doing much to squash the rumours that Paramore is just The Hayley Williams Show, The Tennessean noted that Williams was the only member of the band signed to Atlantic Records, with all other members being paid employees.

As detailed in the initial lawsuit, Williams was aware of this but “because she wanted to foster a feeling of camaraderie within the band, at her direction, the band members’ salaries included a portion of her earnings”.

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Despite this, Davis maintains that he was a partner in the company and should be entitled to the benefits of a business partnership. To support his claims he hoped to examine financial documents, which he was not granted access to. He has since filed a counterclaim, bringing this drama to light. He argues that a partnership between him and Williams was the foundation of the band. Prior to 2008, Taylor York, the only other existing member, was an employee. It was only after this point that he also became a partner in the group.

In his counterclaim, Davis maintained that he was responsible for a large amount of the band’s decision making, including hiring musicians and equipment managers, as well as creating and managing lighting, staging and various other duties. Supporting this, Davis’ countersuit claimed that “Thereafter, and at all times relevant hereto, Davis, Williams and York shared equally in all net profits generated by the partnership, from any and all sources, including but not limited to the Atlantic agreement”.

No statement has been given by Paramore at this point, who are just about set to sail off on their second voyage on the Parahoy cruise. Davis officially left Paramore in December, and joins the growing list of past members who have left amidst dramatic circumstances (need we remind anyone about the shit storm that followed Josh and Zac Farro’s exit?)

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