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Panic! At The Disco Are Victorious In New Single


“Swear to shake it up if you swear to listen, oh, we’re still so young and desperate for attention,” Brendon Urie clamoured 10 years ago on Panic! At The Disco’s debut single, “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Conference”. 10 years on, that line couldn’t have been more of a perfect prediction for what would eventually become Urie’s genre-defying solo project.

Blending furious stadium rock riffs with a shamelessly bouncy power-pop hook, “Victorious” is the third single from Panic!’s upcoming fifth studio album, following the gospel-fused sinners’ anthem “Hallelujah” and Sinatra-channelling “Death Of A Bachelor”. The album is yet to be announced, but looks set to see a release sometime before the year’s end. Urie recently stated in a Periscope stream that the album was 100 percent complete and in the hands of record label Fueled By Ramen. And thus, the waiting game begins…

Check out the official stream for “Victorious” below.

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