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OG Underoath Vocalist Involved In Serious ATV Accident

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Photo by Nik Sheasby

Former vocalist for Christian shred-heads Underoath and current mic-slinger for Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Dallas Taylor, is currently being treated in a Florida ICU after a serious road accident on Tuesday night.

Taylor was airlifted to hospital after crashing into a street sign whilst riding an ATV – it’s been noted that he was riding without a helmet. Specifics are opaque at the present time, though it’s confirmed he sustained multiple severe injuries and will require extensive surgery, and while he has made progress since the incident, is currently in a poor state.

The news broke at the helm of his brother, Rhett Taylor – at first, Rhett had doubts of his brother’s recovery, but a recent update has thankfully confirmed that Dallas is shaping up. “I think he’s going to be okay,” he wrote in a post to the Maylene Facebook page. “He’s still unconscious. They said he’ll be in the hospital for quite a while. He has tons of broken stuff, lacerations, internal bleeding and head injuries though. I just spoke with my family and it looks like he’ll pull through. Please don’t bombard the hospital. I’m sure he’d love to see everyone but he isn’t even conscious at this point.”

Underoath and Maylene have both posted their own official statements regarding the incident, with Underoath sharing a Gofundme campaign that was set up to support Taylor in paying off his surely-enormous medical bills (this is the US healthcare system we’re talking about, after all).

“I know a lot of you were looking for an update on Dallas’s condition,” wrote former Underoath guitarist Corey Steger in a separate post. “I was able to spend about 4 hours alone with him today at the hospital. He is still in the trauma care. He has some pretty serious injuries that include some issues with his lungs, some head trauma , and a pretty severely broken right arm. He was unable to open his eyes while I was there but when the nurse took him off some of the pain medication and sedation meds he was able to respond to her by squeezing her hand and moving his feet as well as lifting his arms a little bit.

I would like to personally thank everyone for all of the prayers and financial help. He has given so much to all of us and ask for so little in return. Dallas is one of my oldest friends and I know that he would never want you to blame God for what happened. I hope all of you join me and asking God to be enough in this situation and continue to pray his wonderful son and his son’s mom , as well as his parents and the nurse that is currently looking after him. Thank you to everyone that has supported him and loved him for so long… Because we for sure love you.”

Taylor was one of Underoath’s founding members, and before leaving in 2003, performed on the band’s first three LPs. All of us at BLUNT are wishing Taylor and his family the best, and we can’t wait to see him back in action – and hopefully, roaring right into our faces Down Under – ASAP!

Read the full statements from Underoath and Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster below:

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