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Of Mice & Men Premier New Video “Broken Generation”


Going from strength to strength, Of Mice & Men have just released the first taste of their upcoming Restoring Force album reissue. The music video for “Broken Generation”, which debuted at Billboard this morning, depicts a world in which all people are physically wired into the technology that dominates their lives, a metaphor for man’s increasing reliance on online networking and digital information. Eventually, the characters and the band find freedom through unplugging themselves and directing their attention to human interaction and the outside world.

The additional tracks included on Restoring Force: Full Circle signal the band’s return to the studio after their wildly successful, nu metal-blending third album, and if the anthemic rock of “Broken Generation” is anything to go by, the band’s transformation from metalcore underdogs into stadium slayers is complete.

Watch “Broken Generation” below and catch Of Mice & Men at Soundwave Festival or at one of their sidewaves in Melbourne and Sydney!



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