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Modern Baseball Drop New Single “Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger”


If it weren’t for frontman Brendan Lukens’ mental health totally screwing him over, Modern Baseball would be in the midst of their first Australian tour right now. We might still be feeling the sting of their sudden departure from the Poison City Weekender festival and headline run with Iron Chic, but if there’s one thing that can cheer us up, it’s some new music!

Previously released as an exclusive for ticketholders to their upcoming North American tour (ie: not us), new single “Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger” harkens back to the days where Modern Baseball were still thrashing out in their friends’ basements and reaching their biggest audiences at house parties on their uni campus. A nod in title to their 2011 EP The Nameless Ranger, the single is a massive new direction in style for the emo rockers, and one that we can’t wait to hear more of.

Check out the new single below, and grab yourself a free download from their BandCamp page.


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