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Miss May I, Attila, We Came As Romans + More Join Your New Favourite Label

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It’s not as if there’s any shortage of top notch metalcore labels to get your mosh fix from, but of course, it’s also not as if we’re gonna say ‘no’ to another one when they’re sporting such top notch acts as Miss May I, Attila, We Came As Romans, Loathe and World War Me.

SharpTone Records was founded by Nuclear Blast CEOs Markus Staiger and Shawn Keith, looking to explore heavy music from less of their regular straight-up shred angle, and more of a ‘core’ perspective. Its release slate is already looking pretty solid, with new albums in 2016 from Miss May I and Attila, a new record in 2017 from We Came As Romans, a new album out in just a week from Loathe, and new music already out from World War Me.

“We are REALLY excited to announce that we have officially signed to SharpTone!” says Attila frontman Chris Fronzak. “We are at an amazing point in our career and we know that these guys have the power that we need to take things to the next level. We’re ready to dominate the planet with our brand new album. SharpTone is a label that shares our enthusiasm and understands who we are and what our vision is. So let’s fucking crush the world and spread party metal to the masses!”

“Developing this label has been very exciting for me,” rhapsodises Keith. “The opportunity to partner and cultivate new and established artists working towards broadening their global potential is thrilling. SharpTone will continue to diversify and evolve as a brand for music fans to truly identify with. We are not just another record label, we are a new music company, allowing artists to be as creative and passionate as they choose to be.”

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