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Mike From Stranger Things Just Posted A Nirvana Cover

Stranger Things

ICYMI, the buzz around new Netflix show Stranger Things has been consuming the internet of late, but it’s for a bloody good reason: it’s phenomenal. Apart from the fact that the sci-fi/synth entity has brought Winona Ryder back to our screens, it’s also showcased some bloody amazing child actors, including Finn Wolfhard. Wolfhard plays Mike Wheeler, whose emotional journey to find his mate Will Byers forms the foundation of the show. But acting isn’t all this kid is good at.

On his Twitter page yesterday, Wolfhard posted a mini guitar cover of Nirvana’s “Lithium”. Note: it is pretty short, so if you were expecting more, you’ll have to head over to watch this little legend star in PUP’s recent video for “Guilt Trip”. This is one indie kid.

But wait – there’s more! Remember Steve Harrington, the super cool guy from the show who has his own moral discoveries to make? The actor that plays him, Joe Keery, drums in Chicago psych rock outfit Post Animal. They have an EP called Post Animal Perform The Most Curious Water Activities because, okay. While you’re waiting for Season 2 of Stranger Things to come out, or in the two-week period before you decide to binge watch it again, you can follow Finn Wolfhard on Twitter, buy tickets to the PUP tour later this year (it’s relevant), or listen to Steve Harrington’s crazy EP.

Watch Mike Wheeler play a couple of Nirvana chords below.

While you’re here, re-watch PUP’s video for “Guilt Trip”

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