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Michael Crafter Set To Bring Crafterchef Series To Channel Ten

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Michael Crafter – best known for his short-lived stint on the 2008 series of Big Brother, and full-time abuse of the word “fully” – has today announced his latest post-Confession business venture: a serialised television adaption of his critically acclaimed Crafterchef webseries.

Crafter took to Snapchat this morning to announce the project, noting that he’s “fully stoked, hey” to bring his questionable cabbage rolls and other tomato-laced delicacies to the small screen. The new series is set to premiere on Network Ten this coming July, overtaking the 6-6:30pm weeknight slot currently wasted on Family Feud.

“Mr. Crafter is a revolution to the culinary industry,” says Masterchef Australia judge George Calombaris. “His remarkably box-shaped head is just filled with incredible ideas! When pitching the series, he delivered to us this marvellous tomato cheesecake with a caramelised ketchup drizzle. It was divine.”

Fleshing out the program from an average 5-6 minutes to a long-form 30 minute block, Crafterchef Ten will include segments featuring multiple guest chefs. I Killed The Prom Queen guitarist (and one of Crafter’s many former bandmates) Jona Weinhofen will showcase his vegan cooking skills in a segment titled “I Cooked The Pomegranate”.

In another, currently untitled segment, Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall will scream incoherently at a blender for three minutes straight. The blender is said to feature a new (albeit unmentioned) smoothie each night.

Watch an iconic episode of Crafterchef below!

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