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Mic Grab Of The Day – Corey Taylor


“I’ve got a couple of friends who are in this band, but Fall Out Boy saying they’re going to ‘save rock ‘n’ roll’… Are you fucking kidding me? You? With the shit that I’ve heard for the last two albums, that’s you saving fucking ‘n’ roll? No, I don’t think so. But whether it’s Fall Out Boy saying they’re saving rock ‘n’ roll or Gene Simmons saying rock ‘n’ roll is already dead, I’m standing here [with] sold-out shows, a No. 1 album around the world and I’m going, ‘Really? When did this happen?’”

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor gives his no holds barred opinion on today’s popular music while discussing his new book, You’re Making Me Hate You, with Kerrang! (via Blabbermouth).

Corey Taylor

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