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Metallica News: Lars Still Annoying, Album Could Rule


Metallica’s outspoken sticktwirler Lars Ulrich has uploaded a video recorded during the band’s sessions for their next album, introducing a new look website to fans and taking a few minutes out of his busy schedule to annoy the shit out of frontman/guitar slinger James Hetfield, who does his best not to punch him. Hetfield’s “I hate you” grin is as classic as ever.

Never change, gracious lion man.


The good news is A) the guitar tone sounds suitably beastly, and B) they are recording a new album. Lars has also threatened to make more of these videos for the website and signifies how happy he is about it all by jumping up and down like a three-year-old on a sugar rampage.

Whether it’s for the love or money, we’re looking at a fresh piece of ‘Tallica early next year, which is only a solid 60-odd dates with the Sandman away. Until then, grip your pillow tight.

Check out Lars Ulrich’s video below for a taste of new Metallica.

  • “Hello; I’m Lars Ulrich, And I’mma BIG DOUCHE, And The REST Of My Band WANTS To KILL ME, ESPECIALLY James Hetfield, He Want’s To BEAT ME TO DEATH With Is Guitar, But NOT ON CAMERA!!!……Lars, Just Goooo AWAY!!!……Your About As EXCITING As Watching Paint DRY, OKAY???!!!!….You BIG STICK – HOLDING DOUCH – NOZZLE!!!!….????….. 🙁

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