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Members Of Slayer And Testament Cuddled Puppies, And It Was Adorable


Today’s daily dose of d’awwww comes from none other than heavy metal icons Slayer and Testament. Wait, what!?

Members from both bands ducked into Motley Zoo – an animal rescue centre based in Washington – over the weekend; their purpose? To cuddle with some damn adorable puppies, of course. Both bands were in town for Slayer’s Repentless tour, and with one of their resident fluffballs being appropriately named Slayer, the centre reached out for what we can only refer to as The Greatest Call To Arms / Photo Op Ever™.


A post from the centre’s Facebook page states; “This was the second time we met Kerry King and Paul Bostaph, but this time we got to meet Tom Araya and Gary Holt as well. They are all huge fans of rescue and our mission, so they were happy to enjoy the puppy time. The guys from Testament were awesome too and we heard all about everyone’s animals they couldn’t wait to get home and see! This tour is almost over so they won’t have to wait long!”

This isn’t even the first time Slayer have made headlines for animal rescue – in 2014, their touring crew found a home for a stray kitten they rescued off the streets of Indianapolis. Seriously, it doesn’t get any more legendary than that!

Take a peek at the full gallery and original Facebook post below!

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Posted by Motley Zoo Animal Rescue on Monday, 21 March 2016

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