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Melbourne’s Drown This City Announce Debut EP

drown this city

Melbourne crew Drown This City have announced that their debut EP, False Idols, will drop this June. If you’ve never heard of them, fear not: you can scope out their fresh single “I’m Not Divided” below and be wooed for the very first time.

Toeing the line between post-hardcore and metal, the only thing we can tell you indisputably is that Drown This City bring a sound that’s heavy AF. The five-piece have already unleashed a video for the second track streamed off the forthcoming release, “Empire”, and if you’re keen to do some more taste-testing before you get your hands on the five-tracker this June, you can pull a muscle in your neck to “The Edge”.

False Idols was recorded and mixed in its entirety by the group, with drummer Anthony Pallas and guitarist Laurence Appleby assuming the duties. If that doesn’t alert you to the band’s talent, frontwoman Alex Reade has nailed the art of cleans and screams.

These guys are killing it in the local scene and they haven’t even played their first show yet, so watch this space.

Check out Drown This City’s “I’m Not Divided” below.

False Idols will drop June 3 via MGM Distribution.

Pre-orders will be available on iTunes this Friday.

drown this city EP cover

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