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Mark Hoppus Joining Linkin Park On Stage For “Numb” Is All The Nostalgia You Need Right Now

Blink 182-Linkin Park

Ahhh nostalgia. We don’t know what it is about 2015, but it seems each and every day we’re reminded of some wonderful element of our adolescence that transports us straight back to that awkward, Linkin-Park fuelled time in our lives. Today, it’s footage of Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus joining Chester Bennington and co. on stage for their angsty classic, “Numb”, at a recent charity gig.

At this year’s Music For Relief benefit show that took place in LA River Studios, California over the weekend, the early ’00s nu metal heroes welcomed many guest musos onto the stage, from No Doubt’s Adrian Young, to Helmet’s Page Hamilton, but perhaps the one that pricked up the most ears was Blink’s intrepid bass player, who could not look more stoked if he tried. Check out the fan footage below and relive the glorious year that was 2003.

Watch Mark Hoppus join Linkin Park on stage for “Numb” below.

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