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Loudfest Announces 2015 Return With Killer Line-Up


After its much missed absence last year, Loudfest is back with a vengeance! The all ages mini-festival, which is known for showcasing and helping launch up-and-coming heavy bands like Northlane, In Hearts Wake and Buried In Verona, will return this year for a one-off date in Sydney on Sunday Novemeber 22 at The Lair (Metro Theatre). The show will tie in with ARIA Week, in support and celebration of the ARIA’s “Best Hard Rock” award.

Rounding out the festival’s line-up are some of the best Australian hardcore and metalcore acts on offer, including Hellions, who are currently trekking around Europe with Northlane, Stories, who are hot off the release of their new album The Youth To Become, Sydney post-hardcore act Endless Heights, Melbourne metalcore outfit Void Of Vision, along with Bare Bones and Harbours, two relatively new faces on the scene who are here to kick arse and take names.

And if you’re worried that you won’t have sufficient funds to rock out with the best of them, don’t worry – Loudfest 2015 is free! Alright. We’re sold. We’ll see you guys and gals in the pit.

Loudfest 2015 is a completely free, all ages festival but has limited capacity so it’ll operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

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