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Listen To Blink-182’s New Track “Bored To Death”


It’s finally here. We teased it earlier in the week and now our first taste of Blink-182 without founding member Tom DeLonge has arrived. DeLonge’s nasally twang has shaped many a Blink song for longtime fans of the band, but we’ve gotta say it: we’re vibing Matt Skiba’s new place in the fold.

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It’s in listening to “Bored To Death” that we’re instantly reminded of Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker’s other musical venture, +44. It’s a strong start for the new-look Blink, and for those that worried his addition might be jarring, Skiba’s vocals blend (almost a little too well) with Hoppus’.

Is this still Blink-182 for you? Did you stop caring a decade ago? Are they dead to you without Tom? Let us know your thoughts.

Stream Blink-182’s new track “Bored To Death” below.

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