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Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland Goes Full 2016; Set To Star In Home Reno Reality Show

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It may not be the release of the long-promised Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, but Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has certainly been keeping himself busy. In amongst a rigorous touring schedule, Borland is starring in a new reality renovation show which will document the restoration of his freshly bought “fixer upper” in Detroit, Michigan.

The show – literally named Sight Unseen for the fact that Borland and his his fiancée, Carre Callaway, bought the house without having seen it – debuted on the DIY Network in America on Wednesday night. For the record, Borland was much more partial to American Rehab – Motor City or Motor City Rehab.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Callaway said, “We already decided to move to Detroit. I guess the idea was we wanted to buy one of the houses in the historic neighbourhood, and we had no background really with taking on such a large renovation project. This show we thought would really help expedite the process so that we would learn a lot from it.

“We wanted to leave LA and we were considering a few different places, and we just felt that Detroit was the right choice. We don’t have any ties here and we didn’t know anybody here, but we were really intrigued by the city and everything that is going on with it now. It has exceeded our expectations.”

Borland chimed, “I love the TV. Music is a lot more on my schedule and TV isn’t on my schedule, so that takes a little adapting to. Music starts at three in the afternoon and TV starts at eight in the morning. I think for the most part it was good but a little overwhelming. I guess we didn’t think about the day-to-day process of, like, shooting the show and the production schedule and sleeping in the house, taking all that into consideration.”

The nu metal guitarist, who is also running something of a safe haven for animals in need, later joked that he could picture a Limp Bizkit fan coming across the new show and saying, “Oh, yeah. Now I know what happened to that guy. Now that guy has 11 cats in a house that he’s renovating forever.”

The last we heard from Borland he was smacking a selfie-taking fan the fuck down at one of Limp Bizkit’s shows in South America, so it’s comforting to know he’s still fighting the good fight.

Watch Borland’s Instagram teaser vid for Sight Unseen below.

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