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Lamb Of God Announce New Album, Preview New Track

Lamb Of God

Prepare your eardrums because not only is there a new Lamb Of God album on the way, but its release is just around the corner: VII: Sturm und Drang – the band’s seventh full-length – will be available in July of this year. Sturm und Drang also settles in as the band’s debut release on metal label juggernaut Nuclear Blast (home to the likes of Slayer, Nightwish and Cradle Of Filth) and to get you pumped for this imminent release, the Virginia metallers have unleashed the album’s first single, “Still Echoes”.

Sturm und Drang is the band’s first record since Randy Blythe’s 2013 manslaughter trial, and judging from its title (a German phrase meaning “storm and stress”), it’s something that’ll most likely be reflected in the album’s lyrical content and tone. According to Blythe, “This is a very, very dark, yet sonically highly varied record. As it’s always good to come out of the gate hard with a fast and aggressive one, we chose this track ‘Still Echoes’ to kick it off. Enjoy/destroy.”

Listen to Lamb Of God’s “Still Echoes” below.

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