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Killswitch Engage’s Adam D Won The Price Is Right

Adam D – come on down!


Does anyone remember that game show The Price Is Right? For most of us, it was part of ‘90s afternoon TV before we were forced to endure the nightly news with out parents. You know the one – the Aussie version was hosted by Larry Emdur’s sparkling white teeth. The way it worked was old mate chompers would call out the name of an unsuspecting audience member, who would then leap out of their seat with glee and run down to the podium with their arms flailing about like one of those inflatable men stationed at used car dealerships. The contestants then guess the price of a bunch of random prizes – home appliances, holidays and a car if they were feeling particularly generous that day – for their chance to win the gear presented.

This morning we learned two things: The Price Is Right is STILL airing in the US, and Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage was a contestant last night and won everything. Yes, everything.

Dressed in his finest pair of thongs, shorts and a hoodie, Killswitch’s guitar slinger broke his microphone then lucked his way into winning a car, a truck and a prize pool totalling $51,832 (that’s US dollars). ONYA ADAM!

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