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Jarrod Alonge Has Released His Own Full-Length

Tennessee’s Jarrod Alonge (who you may remember from such Q&As as our So You Want To Be A… YouTube Comedian feature) has been able to make a name for himself online by impersonating your favourite pop-punk and scene metal bands, from his Every…Vocalist series (our favourites of which are here and here) to his tongue-in-cheek vids about misheard lyrics and pronouncing band names. Last year he thrust his brand of parody into our earholes with the release of Sunrise Skater Kids’ “Pop Punk Pizza Party”, and if you too were left feeling as though you could happily crank his jam on the daily, then you’re in luck: Alonge’s self-proclaimed “joke that went too far (and really, really needed to stop)” has hit a peak with Beating A Dead Horse. It’s a 15-track album that acts as a journey through the beloved clichés and hallmarks of modern alternative music, from pop-punk and emo to metalcore and more. We don’t know if Weird Al Yankovic paved the way for Alonge, but we’d like to think he did.

Grab the album on iTunes here and check out the whole thing on Spotify below.

Jarrod Alonge


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