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It’s Official: We’ll Be Hearing New Blink-182 This Week


After four long years we’re finally getting our first taste of new Blink-182 this week, with the band’s single – “Bored To Death” – to be premiered this Thursday morning on LA radio station KROQ (which roughly equates to around 1am our time for any Blink-inclined night owls out there). Here’s hoping our expectations exceed the song’s title, eh?

The trio’s new album, which will also be our first chance to sample Blink-182 sans Tom DeLonge, is one of many in a long line of “comeback albums” we’re dying to hear this year, with Sum 41, Saosin, Thrice, Good Charlotte and – if the rumours are to be believed – Brand New all set to deliver Big Things in 2016.

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KROQ music director Lisa Worden has said of the new Blink track: “I think any fan of Blink-182 is going to be ecstatic when they hear the music. I really do! It sounds like Blink-182 but it sounds like Blink in 2016. Lyrically it’s clever.” We’re equal parts wary and ecstatic, because advance listeners of Metallica’s Lulu were probably encouraged to say similarly positive things, but mostly ecstatic.

The band has gradually started to reveal the artwork for the upcoming single on their Instagram, which indeed matches the new song’s title. You can suss it out below before joining us in waiting to see what Thursday brings for longtime Blink fans.



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