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ISIS Fighter Caught Reppin’ Ya Boys Deez Nuts


They say any press is good press but we’re guessing the bloke who coined that phrase didn’t envision a world in which terrorist fighters would be donning a local band’s merch. In news that neither us nor hardcore crew Deez Nuts ever saw coming, it seems the band has picked up some unlikely fans in the form of alleged ISIS fighters. Yes, you read that correctly.

Global media outlet Conflict News shared an image to Twitter this morning of two men who are said to be members of the jihadist militant group, and as you can see, one of them is reppin’ a sweet crewneck from the Melbourne hardcore band (quite possibly in an attempt to show the world they’re “unfuckwithable”).

It’s always nice to see local alternative acts creep into the mainstream, but this probably isn’t what anyone involved had in mind. The band is yet to acknowledge the image, but if and when they do, we’re expecting some serious venom to be spat (and with any luck it’ll be in the form of a seriously pissed off follow-up to 2015’s Word Is Bond).

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