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Is Corey Taylor Gonna Quit Slipknot?

Photo by Peter Zaluzny.

Looks like we finally have an answer to the age-old question: “But what does Corey Taylor think?” Appearing on a recent episode of Someone Who Isn’t Me, a podcast hosted by BBC Radio 1 presenter Daniel P. Carter, the Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist was asked whether he reckons he’ll ever grow weary of touring, and the answer might sadden some of the maggots out there.

“You know, honestly, if you’d asked me a year ago, I would have said no. But, I mean, just now… I’m just kind of starting to… I’m 42; I’m not young anymore. And as willing as my will is, I’m just beat up, man. I mean, I might as well be 60 in Slipknot years for Christ’s sake.

“I don’t know if I would retire. I might step away from Slipknot at some point, just because the way the music is, and that sense of energy, I don’t know if I could be able to do that into my 50s. And I would never want the band to feel like I was holding them back, because I just couldn’t physically do it. So that means I wouldn’t completely quit music, I would probably just step away from Slipknot.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here, where Taylor also discussed the musical evolution of Slipknot and how in the future the band’s sound might be “less about the angst and the insanity and more about the creativity”.

Those that have been following along at home may remember our most recent Slipknot cover story towards the end of 2014. Shortly after the release of the band’s most recent album, .5: The Gray Chapter, Taylor opened up to BLUNT writer and AusPol guru Andrew P Street and said that, “There really was that question of, ‘Do we want to continue?’”

As for the foreseeable future? It’s looking as though Taylor will be putting his all into Stone Sour, who, according to Blabbermouth, already have 14 songs written and demoed for an upcoming album that will follow part two of their double release, House Of Gold & Bones (2013). The man is nothing if not prolific.

Recently Slipknot narrowly missed out on taking home the Grammy for Best Metal Performance at this year’s awards, with their track “Custer” losing out to Sweden’s resident Satan worshippers Ghost.

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