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Iranian Metal Band Facing Jail Time And Potential Execution


We didn’t think it would need to be said, but playing heavy metal is not a crime. In some disturbing news we came across earlier today, two members of an Iranian metal band – Confess – have spent several months in prison and face further jail time and potential execution for a number of offences that are pretty much par for the course for many metal bands outside the Middle East.

The charges against Confess are as confusing as their imprisonment. According to a letter that a source shared with Metal Nation, they include running an illegal band and record label in the “satanic” genres of metal and rock; writing anti-religious, atheistic, political and anarchistic lyrics; interviewing with forbidden radio stations; advertising against the system and blasphemy.

The band released their second album, In Pursuit Of Dreams, last October through Opposite Records, their own label, with track titles such as “I’m Your God Now !” and “New World Order”.

Both members of the groove metal act, Nikan Siyanor Khosravi and Khosravi Arash Chemical Ilkhani, made bail a week ago after being arrested in November of last year, but the penalties that lie ahead include up to six years in prison or, for blasphemy, execution.

This isn’t the first time that a band’s been jailed for their musical output. The most notable example of late is Pussy Riot, the feminist Russian punk group that faced charges of hooliganism after their anti-Putin musical protest.

As damaging as Australian laws such as Sydney’s lockouts are to our culture and way of life, reading about this – and seeing a band facing possible death for simply creating music they believe in – goes a long way towards putting things in perspective.

If you’d like to offer your support to Confess, Metal Injection have started the hashtag #FreeConfess.

Listen to the band’s track “I’m Your God Now !”  below.

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