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Internet Delivers Once More With Green Day Movie Mashup

Green Day

You may have been bored, but have you ever been splice-109-different-movies-together-to-recreate-a-Green-Day-hit bored? Don’t worry, few have.

YouTuber Ross Thompson aka The Unusual Suspect is back with his latest mashup vid, and this time around the seminal punk trio’s 1994 slacker anthem “Basket Case” is getting the supercut treatment. Lest we shudder at the amount of hours Thompson must have sunk into his latest endeavour, the method (at least on a surface level) seems like a fairly simple one: recreate a song using a word (or two or three) from a film – 109 to be exact – and set it against the original track’s instrumental. Star Wars, Child’s Play, Wayne’s World, Donnie Darko, Fight ClubSpaceballs… The gang’s all here and accounted for.

We first turned our attention to The Unusual Suspect when he came out with his clip for Linkin Park’s “In The End” , pulling together footage from 183 different feature films to breathe new life into the nu metal hit of your youth.

As for this clip? We can either see the watching of it going one of two ways – you’re reminded of how great Green Day’s Dookie actually is and resort to playing it in full at a deafening volume, or you suddenly remember 109 great films that you really, really feel like watching right this very second. Bad for productivity? Absolutely. Worth a watch? Of course!

Behold the clip for “Basket Case” as sung by 109 movies below.

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