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In Hearts Wake Tackled Parkway Drive’s “Vice Grip” For Like A Version


Chalk this up as something we didn’t see coming: Earlier this morning, envirocore belters In Hearts Wake made their way to triple j to try their hand at Like A Version, the weekly music segment that’s seen Aussie and international acts alike delivering obscure, surprising and brilliant covers live in the studio for over a decade.

Their chosen track? None other than Parkway Drive’s “Vice Grip”, the lead single from their upcoming album Ire. While the stadium-ready rock track has proved to be something of a curveball for Parkway fans, with its four-to-the-floor rock drumming and glam-influenced guitars (yes, the term “dad-rock” has been bandied about), what In Hearts Wake do with it is something not even Winston would have envisioned. Rather than startle the living daylights out of us with stomping breakdowns and gang vocals before 8.30am, the boys from Byron opted for a mellow, stripped back approach when covering the other boys from Byron.

The performance also coincided with the announcement of In Hearts Wake as the first act on next year’s UNIFY Gathering, with the full line-up set to be broadcast live on triple j on September 25.

Check out In Hearts Wake putting their own spin on Parkway’s “Vice Grip” below.

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