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I Am The Avalanche: The Making of “Wolverines” Part 3 Of 3

I Am The Avalanche

Welcome to the final video in Chris Heinrich’s three-part series on the making of I Am The Avalanche‘s latest banger, Wolverines!

The last time the New York four-piece stepped up to release a record, 2011’s Avalanche United, it was label woes that delayed its release. So much so that fans had to wait a full six years for the follow-up to the band’s self-titled debut. Coming into Wolverines, the trouble was more physical and personal in nature, with frontman Vinnie Caruana suffering from a spinal injury and the band as a whole having to come to terms with the damage of Hurricane Sandy. As far as drummer and producer Brett Romnes is concerned though, releasing an album after only a two-year break is definitely a step in the right direction.
“Our fans now have a chance to hear the natural progression of the band,” says Romnes. “It feels a lot better putting a record out after two years. People didn’t get to see the full transformation before, and why we did Avalanche United the way we did. Since this one is much closer, I think people will understand the transition. A lot of the stuff that strikes me is the stuff that really pulls out an emotion from you, that when you listen to it, you get the butterflies. It’s very real. Every song is true to Vinnie. They’re coming from somewhere inside of him and I know that they’re real because I watched him sing all the tracks in the studio and he’s feeling it all. We’ve been a band for almost ten years,” he adds. “Our first show was Halloween 2004 and back then, it was a rollercoaster. Things were happening and I was just riding it. Now I feel like I’m still on that rollercoaster, but that we now have control of it and are going the route that we want to go.”

BLUNT‘s been given the exclusive opportunity to premiere this webisode in Australia ahead of the album’s release on March 21st, so go ahead and go behind-the-scenes with I Am The Avalanche as Vinnie Caruana, Brett “The Ratt” Romnes, and Brandon “Aggro” Swanson explain what you can expect from the band’s third full-length as they approach their tenth anniversary as a band.
Wolverines is out March 21 in Australia/New Zealand through Rude Records/Rocket.


Watch parts 1 and 2 below:




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