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Have Volumes Recruited A New Vocalist?


Ever since US rockers Volumes announced that they were parting ways with their vocalist Michael Barr last year, the scene has gone batshit crazy with curiosity about his prospective replacement.

While Born of Osiris’ Joe Buras stepped up for a bit, the band were even auditioning for replacements. They put out a call citing that the candidate would be a “next level performer that fits our vibe/image, is ready to tour internationally with an established team and ready to be part of an awesome atmosphere”. Today, the clues are suggesting they may have found the perfect guy. Please see the above photo for a vague affirmation from the act that Barr’s replacement is set to be announced soon.

So who is it? None other than Bury Your Dead frontman Myke Terry, based on the evidence. As Lambgoat documented earlier, it stands as some deleted tweets from Chelsea Grin guitarist Jacob Harmond, who, following on, posted “shit. Did I really give it away?” Come on, buddy.

The other evidence that’s been put on the table is that Myke Terry followed Volumes and its members on Twitter very recently. If that doesn’t say mystery solved to you, we don’t know what will.

View the tweets that point to Myke Terry as the new Volumes frontman below.


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