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Hatebreed Are The Latest Band To Scatter A Fan’s Ashes Onstage


Last month, members of extreme metal bands Behemoth and Dying Fetus honoured a late fan’s dying wish by scattering his ashes onstage. It was a gesture as heartwarming as it was brutal, and showed that – however questionable the method – heavy music can bring fans together in celebrating humanity. Also, it’s just a really fucking cool way to be honoured by your favourite bands.

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The next band to pay tribute to a fan in such a way is Hatebreed – the hardcore heroes dedicated “As Diehard As They Come” to a late devotee by the name of Dennis Guyot at a recent gig in Cleveland, Ohio, before letting him live on in the band’s legacy forever.

It begs the question: Which band would you want to scatter your ashes onstage?

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