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Hang On, Everyone IS Down With The Sickness Now?


After last year’s backlash when nu metal/hard rock touring machine Disturbed were announced as this year’s Soundwave headliner to pages and pages of seething comment thread hatred, it seems the very serious Chicago outfit are now being raised up as the kings of the cover version. Move over Alien Ant Farm.

Their take on the classic Simon & Garfunkel tearjerker “The Sound Of Silence” is getting a ridiculous amount of attention now. It’s clocked over 30 million views on YouTube since, roughly the same amount as the only other song any non-fan has heard of theirs, namely “Down With The Sickness”, which has taken seven years to rack up those kinds of numbers.

Firmly in the “this is fuckin’ sick” camp are the song’s original author Paul Simon and Aussie brawler/film star Rusty Crowe. Simon has already emailed frontman David Draiman – “Double D” to his mates – saying the cover was “really powerful”.

Crowe is pulling no punches either, announcing on Twitter that, “every now and then someone comes along and redefines genius…” He really digs it, guys. And so does Aussie hard rock/sport radio giant Triple M, who appear to be spinning the track almost on repeat, apparently at the request of their listenership.

In a lively Facebook thread, Oz rock frontman Ezekiel Ox (Mammal, Full Scale, Over-reactor) also went into bat for Double D saying, “I challenge any other vocalist to be able to sing that. It’s metal, it’s supposed to be ‘intense’ and full of histrionics. I’d rather listen to Limp Bizkit than The Strokes too.”

The question for rest of us is: why? To some out there in the Twitterverse, Universe, Faceyverse, Whateververse, it’s nothing but pure money grabbing ear poison. We might have some possible answers for you.

A) Maybe Paul Simon stands to make a mint in royalties from every time it gets a spin?

B) Perhaps Russell is a bit of a cheeseball who likes sad sack power ballads sung by stocky men with double chin dangler jewellery things.

C) Triple M listeners do in fact hate music.

D) It’s really fucking good and we should shut up with our bitchy little commentary on their glorious success.

All are possible. So what’s your take? Epic wank or triumphant tribute? If you wanna decide for yourself and really feel frontman getting ‘motional about it all we recommend you experience the live version from Conan that has an impressive four million-odd views itself and features some great theatrical hand gestures from DD.

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