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Gwen Stefani Leaves No Doubt; AFI’s Davey Havok Steps In

No Doubt

Today in “Headlines You Didn’t Expect To Read This Morning” (or any morning, for that matter), members of the seminal ska punk-turned-pop rock band No Doubt have announced that they’ll be moving forward without frontwoman Gwen Stefani. Their new singer? None other than AFI’s Davey Havok. Let’s just let that sink in for a second.

Billboard reports that although Stefani has left the group (for now, at least) to focus on her solo career, remaining members Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young will be forging ahead with Havok – in fact, they’ve already finished recording a new album together and are on the hunt for a record label to release it.

It’s unknown whether the new supergroup of sorts will continue under the No Doubt banner, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t at least a bit curious to see what the ultimate AFI x No Doubt mash-up sounds like.

Back in 2015 drummer Adrian Young told Billboard that No Doubt were “in a little bit of limbo right now” and that they’d “see where that takes us”. As for Stefani, she’s looking to release her third album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, on March 18th, which will mark the singer’s first solo album in 10 years.

Reminisce on the good ol’ days with No Doubt’s 1997 hit, “Sunday Morning”.

  • sasha

    I have never been as flabergasted by a musical news in my life.
    For some reasons gwen stefani and davey havok are the two musical people that inspire me the most.
    The nostalgia under fun and beauty, the esthetic, the very real and authentic voice, and I guess, interest in makeup are some common points they have in my mind, the magical esthetic out of this world they create
    I surely can see davey as the new no doubt front lady
    Except with a testosterone boost and with different parts you know
    wow weird news but this is just such a big coincidence for me it totally fits. My two heros. Mind=blown.

    • sasha

      would gwen stefani make a tour in afi or blaqk audio type of darker techno? I totally could see that too.
      Just hope the afi part of davey does not die either
      nor the no doubt part of gwen

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