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Green Day’s 12th Album Is Maybe/Probably/Definitely Called ‘Revolution Radio’


After close to four years of tireless waiting, it’s kinda (ridiculously) exciting to be just two days away from a brand spanking new, never-before-heard-until-it-inevitably-leaks Green Day song. “Bang Bang” drops this Thursday, and, just like he did with the news of its existence in the first place, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has taken to Instagram to tease us with the cover art.

“BANG BANG” artwork.. single.. #bangbang #revrad #mynewband .. 4 days.. August 11. #ticktick

A photo posted by Billie Joe Armstrong (@billiejoearmstrong) on

It’s a pretty standard single affair – song title in huge letters with the band name scrawled over – but one notable thing about it is that it seemingly confirms something fans have suspected (via more of Armstrong’s teasing) for a while now: Green Day’s twelfth studio album is called Revolution Radio. Obviously, take that with a grain of salt – a really, really small grain. A particle of salt.

“Rev Rad” is pasted all throughout the “Bang Bang” cover, and made another mention on a rehearsal setlist Armstrong posted a short while ago. Revolution Radio (if it is called that) is set to drop sometime this year, and will mark Green Day’s first full-length body of jam material since 2012’s ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! trilogy. Those three LPs dropped to mediocre reviews, but there’s a solid chance #RevRad will turn things around: last week, an early review of “Bang Bang” compared the cut to 1994’s Dookie.

That alone, of course, is worth the next two days’ worth of hype.

Get up to date with old-school Green Day with a full stream of Dookie below!

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