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Foxtel Confirms The Cruel And Untimely Death Of Channel [V]

Channel [V]

It’s a sad day for millennial fans of cable network music-based programming – after a 21-year run nothing short of incredible, Australia’s evil overlords of pay TV (Foxtel) have confirmed that, come Saturday, Channel [V] will be given the axe.

Channel [V] launched back in 1995 and covered every genre under the sun, spun classic music videos on the reg but also gave way to some primo presenter-driven content. Its popularity was undeniable throughout the mid-to-late-’00s, but with online streaming on the rise and pay TV slowly being chipped away at in general, thanks to services like Netflix and Stan, viewership on the network has been on an almost-impressively fast decline.

In a leaked email – courtesy of Pedestrian.tv – Foxtel’s Stephen Baldwin (Head of Channels & Operations) and Brian Walsh (Executive Director of Television) broke the news to colleagues overnight, confirming that Channel [V] and [V] Hits would be merged into one solitary network with the latter’s namesake. The new channel will supposedly hit the airwaves this Saturday, but as the email points out, it’s going to be a strictly music video-based affair.

Take a peek at the internal email below:

“Dear Colleagues,

As foreshadowed in my presentation yesterday, we are making changes across our organisation in order to be match fit in an increasingly competitive landscape. One area I discussed with you was channel rationalisation. 

Over the past several years music clips have become ubiquitous with availability on services like YouTube, whilst linear broadcast audiences for music channels have been in steady decline. In order to run the Foxtel music services more efficiently we have decided to merge Channel [V] and [V] Hits. 

The new service will be called [V] Hits and we will create a +2 of this channel. [V] Hits will continue to be a clip based channel with no long form content.

This change will begin to take place this Saturday, with the channel branding completed by late March.

I would like to thank the music team for their hard work and dedication in making Channel [V] an integral part of the Australian music landscape throughout the years.

I would also like to thank those team members leaving us today. You leave with our best wishes for your onward journey.

Brian Walsh & Stephen Baldwin”

Taking to their personal Twitter accounts, a handful of Channel [V]’s most respected (ie. the ones on the waves when they still bumped alternative jams from time to time) shared their sentiments of the network’s demise:

Channel [V] will be especially missed here at BLUNT HQ – partially because they were one of the last remaining cable music greats (MTV died a looooong time ago in our eyes), but mostly because our editor once appeared on What U Want rocking a heinous sweeping side fringe to request a Fall Out Boy song… Ah, the good ol’ days (2007).

R.I.P Channel [V], 1995 – 2016. We’ll forget Cash Cab ever happened, but we won’t forget your legacy!

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