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Foo Fighters Are Learning To Fly All The Way To Cesena, Italy

Foo Fighters

Wait, where?

Cesena is a small town in Northern Italy, with a population totalling 97,131 citizens (for reference, Sydney has 4,840,600). Back in July, 1,000 of the city’s finest gathered together to form the world’s largest cover band – the Rockin’ 1,000 – conducted by Foo Fighters superfan Fabio Zaffagnini. The band, amassing 250 singers, 350 guitarists, 150 bassists and 250 drummers, took to the fields to tackle the Fooeys’ 1999 radio hit, “Learn To Fly”, in an attempt to catch the Seattle rockers’ attention – and it’s worked.

Dave Grohl originally replied to the video on August 1st, saying – in Italian, no less – “We’re coming, I promise.” Now, almost three months later, the band have officially announced that they’ll be playing an exclusive show in the city on November 3rd. This will be the Foo Fighters’ first performance there since 1997. Since then, they’ve released six albums, including last year’s Sonic Highways.

“I’ll never forget that day that my phone was flooded with texts from friends, all saying, ‘Have you seen this???’, ‘Amazing!’, ‘So insane!’ with an anonymous YouTube link attached,” Grohl stated in a blog post on the band’s website. “Assuming it was just another ‘CAT GETTING STUCK IN A PAPER BAG’ video, I didn’t bite at first, but after the 10,000th message, I clicked the link and was absolutely blown away by what I saw.”

With the original video stockpiling over 26 MILLION views on YouTube, it’s safe to say that a fair few people were as well. “To see so many people put so much time, and effort, and love into making music moved me to tears,” he continues. “And the fact that it was a Foo Fighters song… well… it’s hard to put into words how humbled that made me feel. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life. I walked outside, sat on the grass, turned my camera on and immediately responded (in my best broken Italian).”

Speaking to CNN, Zaffagnini said, “It went viral much over our expectations and it’s been just a fantastic sensation. We live in a very tiny, tiny town in Italy, and for us it’s a real miracle.”

If you play it, Foos will come.

Watch the Rockin’ 1000 cover “Learn To Fly” below.

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